Vocal Compilations

Book of Mormon Songs for ChildrenBkofM

17 songs written for primary aged children detailing the events in the Book of Mormon. CD available here.

  • The Book of Mormon Is a Witness
  • The Book of Mormon Is Restored
  • Lehi and His Family
  • Thank You, Nephi
  • Enos Knelt To Pray
  • King Benjamin
  • Abinadi and King Noah
  • Alma and Amulek
  • Ammon and King Lamoni
  • Moroni Tore His Coat
  • Two Thousand Sons of Helaman
  • Samuel the Lamanite
  • The Savior Came to the Nephites
  • The Brother of Jared
  • What Do We Know About Mormon?
  • Ask of God
  • I Know That Jesus Lives


Praiseworthy Singer Volume 4 (Women of Faith)women

Vocal Solos for Medium voice and piano accompaniment with arrangements. Titles include:

  • Woman of Faith 
  • I Know That My Redeemer Lives 
  • The Voice of the Shepherd 
  • Come To Me 
  • Jesus, the Very Thought of Thee 
  • Hear and Hearken 
  • The Bread of Life 
  • Blessing 
  • Hearts That Understand 
  • Look to God and Live 



Praiseworthy Singer Volume 8 (Follow Me) Follow

Vocal solo collection for medium voice and piano accompaniment—a new presentation of the former volume Spiritual Living Music Treasury IV: Follow Me. Titles include:

  • Hear My Voice and Follow Me 
  • For I Have Seen The Lord 
  • Sanctify Your Soul 
  • Awake My Soul 
  • Here I Learn of God 
  • The Master’s Touch 
  • Experiment Upon His Word 
  • Come Unto Me All Ye Heavy Laden 
  • There Is No Other Name 
  • Circle of Sisters 
  • Where Can I Turn For Peace? 
  • I’ll Trust In The Lord 
  • Come To The Fold of God 
  • Voice of the Shepherd 



Praiseworthy Singer Volume 10 (Remember Me)10

Vocal solo book for medium voice, originally published under the volume title Spiritual Living Music Treasury I: Remember Me. Songs include:

  • Remember Me
  • God’s Prophets
  • A Redeemer for All
  • The Sabbath Day
  • God’s Holy Name
  • I Give All Thanks To Thee
  • Through Temple Doors
  • Ye Shall Not Fear
  • A Mother In Israel
  • The Scripture Testify of Christ
  • Instruments of Our Savior’s Love
  • To Every Nation
  • Nurturing Others With Love
  • Hearts That Understand



Praiseworthy Singer – Volume 11 (Learn of Me)Learn

Original vocal solo/duet collection for medium voice—formerly listed under the title Spiritual Living Music Treasury II: Learn of Me.  Titles include:

  • I’ll Feast on the Words of Christ 
  • The Priesthood 
  • These Things I Know 
  • Forgive as He Forgives 
  • The Sacrament 
  • God’s Work of Restoration 
  • For Forty Days Christ Fasted 
  • The Prayer of Faith 
  • I Will Lift up Mine Eyes to the Hills 
  • Oil for Our Lamps 
  • The House of the Lord 
  • The Pure Love of Christ 
  • Look to God and Live 



Praiseworthy Singer – Volume 13 (Come Unto Me)

Vocal solo collection for medium voice, a new presentation of the original publication Come Unto Me. Titles include:

  • Come Unto Me And Be Saved
  • Moroni’s Promise
  • Behold, My Beloved Son
  • Living Water
  • Repentance
  • Personal Revelation
  • I’ll Ease Your Burdens
  • Create A Pure Heart Within Me
  • Precious Savior, Dear Redeemer
  • A Home Where The Savior’s Love Abides
  • Leading As Jesus Led
  • Fear Thou Not