A Society of Sisters (RS)Sos

Relief Society cantata program commemorating the history of Relief Society. Arranged for SSA voices, narrator, and piano accompaniment. Songs include: 

  • A Society of Sisters
  • I Will Reach Out
  • For Me
  • Blessing

Composer: Lynn S. Lund
Lyrics: Mabel Jones Gabbott
Difficulty: Medium / Medium-difficult acc.
Performance Time: 16:00


Come All Ye Sons of God (TB)Come

Cantata for two-part men’s choir about the Priesthood, arranged for unison voices for half the arrangement—appropriate for a sacrament meeting program and can easily include all members of the Priesthood from the Deacons to the High Priests. Songs include:

  • The Glorious Restoration Has Begun
  • The Holy Priesthood Was Restored
  • The Power of God
  • Come All Ye Sons of God

A separate part for oboe and cello (#09004) and an accompaniment cassette (minus track) are also available (#0GG11).

Composer: Lynn S. Lund
Lyricist: Gerald N. Lund
Difficulty: Medium-easy / medium acc.
Performance time: 18:00


*Come Let Us Adore Him (Christmas)Come l

Christmas choral cantata with solos for soprano and tenor. Congregation is invited to join in singing “O Come All Ye Faithful” with the choir. Songs include: 

  • Come Let Us Adore Him
  • The Prince of Peace
  • An Angel from God
  • Her Firstborn Son
  • Glory Be to God
  • Where is this King of the Jews?
  • The Son of God

Composer: Lynn S. Lund
Lyricist: Gerald N. Lund
Difficulty: Medium / medium acc.
Performance time: 24:20


*He is Risen (Easter)He is

Easter cantata including narration, two baritone solos, and music to include the congregation. Arrangements include:

  • He is Risen (not the version in the hymn book)
  • If Ye Have Love
  • Gethsemane
  • Mary at the Cross
  • The Resurrected Lord
  • The Light and the Life of the World
  • He is Risen (hymn book version)


Composer: Lynn S. Lund
Lyricist: Mabel Jones Gabbott; script by Gerald N. Lund
Difficulty: Medium / medium acc.
Performance time: 24:00


Joseph Smith and the RestorationJS

Oratorio written for 2 narrators and mixed chorus, and piano. An optional instrumental pack for violin, flute, and cello (#20035) or pre-recorded accompaniment CD (#05013) are also available. Includes nine arrangements:

  • Come, Rejoice
  • Oh, How Lovely Was the Morning
  • The Book of Mormon Testifies of Christ
  • The Holy Priesthood Is Restored
  • A Marvelous Work
  • O God, Where Art Thou?
  • No Unhallowed Hand
  • Legacy of Love
  • Praise To The Man 

This pageant can be segmented to suit your needs as far as performance length and situation. Orchestra score and parts available. A stake might produce this work assigning individual numbers to various wards.


Composer: Lynn S. Lund
Lyricist: Gerald N. Lund (narration and lyrics)
Difficulty: Medium
Performance time: 1 hour 20 min.


The Lamb of God (Easter)Lamb

Sacred Easter cantata with parts for solo voice (med. high), mixed chorus, and piano, with narration adapted from the New Testament. Arrangements include:

  • I Am the Way
  • Gethsemane
  • Resurrection
  • See My Hands and Feet
  • I Stand All Amazed

Composer: Lynn S. Lund / Charles H. Gabriel
Arranger: Lynn S. Lund
Lyricist: Gerald N. Lund / Charles H. Gabriel
Difficulty: Medium / medium acc.
Performance time: 28:30


Witness the Birth of Christ (Christmas)Witness

Beautiful, moving Christmas cantata with narration by Gerald Lund—four original pieces for mixed chorus, describing the night of Christ’s birth: “In a stable warm and sweet, they rested until morn. There the light of all the world, the Son of God was born.” 

Includes words to “Joy to the World,” ending with the prophetic announcement, “The Lord will come!”

Composer: Lynn S. Lund
Lyricist: Mabel Jones Gabbott / Gerald N. Lund (script)
Difficulty: Medium
Performance time: 22:00


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